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Dupchanchia Online the most popular internet service provider in Dupchanchia, Bogra. We have the largest network locally, providing high speed internet for personal use, businesses and corporate users.

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Now, Experience the Fastest Broadband Internet

No buffering no interruption. We Have FTP Server, BDIX Torrent Server, Online Movie Server, TV Server, YouTube Server.

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Dhupchanchia New Market (1st Floor), Dupchanchia, Bogura


  • 01919582165
  • 01711582165

Media Server

Enjoy your favorite Movies, TV shows, Serials at HD quality. You can always request content that you are looking for and not on the server.

  • Regular Contents Update
  • Full HD resolution
  • All Favorite Contents
  • HD Streaming Services
  • Watch on any device
  • Steady Network
  • TV Streaming